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Here are 4 Tips to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living

The time has come to have the talk most children dread having with their aging parents — the talk about considering moving to an assisted living facility. For adult children, this is one area avoided. After all, you’re used to being the one cared for. But as your parents age, the roles are flipped.

Marina Isle in Sanford, Florida, is a brand new assisted living center that specializes in creating a home-like environment for our residents through providing many assisted living services, including community activities and lifestyle options. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how you can talk to your parents about moving to an assisted living center. Contact us today to get started!


  1. Choose a relaxed time to begin. Talking to your parents about assisted living care for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner is probably not the best time to start the conversation. You’ll want to choose a relaxed atmosphere where you are not in a rush. You’ll also want to talk in positive terms. Marina Isle in Sanford recommends talking to your parents about assisted living during casual walks around the neighborhood, over a round of golf, or at a relaxing dinner out.
  2. Make the conversation on-going. Don’t rush your parents into a decision, nor put a deadline on it. After all, consider their point of view. You are asking them to give up everything they’ve known for a long time, possibly move somewhere else, and giving up some independence, which, as Americans, we are not wont to do. Introduce the idea of moving to an assisted living center often, and let them get used to the idea.
  3. Visit assisted living facilities. Even if you are considering an assisted living facility elsewhere, take your parents on tours of local senior living centers so they can have an idea of what it’s really like. Most likely, your parents are picturing nursing homes in their brains when you are speaking of assisted living facilities. Marina Isle in Sanford, Florida, is far from a nursing home. With so many amenities and lifestyle activities, your parents will probably be pleasantly surprised at the level of care and independence a senior living center provides.
  4. Give your parents ownership over the decision. There may come a time when your parents will be forced to have care in an assisted living facility. However, until then, allow your parents to make a lot of the decisions, such as location, amenities, and time frame. Ideally, you are not waiting to bring up assisted living with your parents at the last minute. If you’ve been having an on-going conversation about it, your parents will be able to choose all aspects of their senior living community.


Marina Isle, a brand new waterfront assisted living facility in Sanford, understands that you have choices when it comes to senior living centers. We invite you and your parents to take a tour of our facilities, meet some of our friendly and caring staff members, and see all that we have to offer. From pet therapy to individual care plans, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised as to how fabulous our senior living center is. Contact us today to get started!

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