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Marina Isle’s balanced approach to your wellness starts here.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age is just as important as it was in your younger years. We believe incorporating a combination of movement, nutrition, and proper medical care into your daily wellness routine is critical for optimal health. At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we strive to provide our residents with a full range of amenities to help you stay healthy and happy.


As an active senior, you know how important movement is to maintain optimal physical wellness. Here at Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we offer a full rehabilitation gym as well as a variety of activities to keep you moving, no matter your ability level. We also recognize that for someone with limited mobility, movement is still critical to maintaining a healthy body.

To help our residents stay fit, we provide a wellness program that is customized to your interest and ability. At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we have staff on-site to assist you during wellness activities.

For the nature lover in you, our serene lakeside property is perfect for a light stroll or an energetic jog. We are also within walking distance of Historic Downtown Sanford if you prefer an evening on the town. We also have pet therapy and rehabilitation groups to get you moving and keep you well.


A balanced diet and nutrition are important components of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are vegetarian, eating gluten-free or on a limited diet, our dining program can accommodate any of your dietary preferences or restrictions. At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, all meals are prepared by our professional in-house chef. You have the flexibility to eat in your room or enjoy dining with fellow residents at any of our indoor or outdoor eating areas. Have your morning coffee with a newspaper on our scenic patio overlooking Lake Monroe and have your lunch with friends in our common dining area. Your tastebuds will never get bored with the variety of tasty dishes prepared by our in-house chef.


At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we believe it’s important to balance healthy activity with relaxation and mindfulness. Whether you prefer spiritual practices, meditation or religious worship, we have the amenities you need to foster peaceful relaxation and mindfulness. Here at Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we have Chapel Services and can arrange transportation to local religious organizations. Our spa and relaxation room is perfect if you’re looking for a little pampering.

Social Interaction

As you get older, isolation can become an increasing concern especially living away from your family. At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we believe a well-rounded approach to a healthy lifestyle includes plenty of social interaction. We offer plenty of social activities for you to make friends including group fitness classes, social outings, dances and a variety of interesting programs for residents to enjoy. It’s part of our culture to foster a strong sense of community here at Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living.

Medical Care

Should the need arise, Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living is well-equipped to provide top-notch medical care. If you need help remembering your medications, our helpful staff is happy to assist with a medication schedule. On site, we have durable medical equipment available, mobility devices and other specialized equipment to help you maintain your independence. At Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we can also provide limited wound care services and our highly trained medical staff is on duty 24/7 to offer immediate care for minor illness or injury. You can have peace of mind knowing that in case of a real emergency, we are located within minutes of one of Florida’s top-rated hospitals. Our community also offers quality palliative care, hospice, and respite care services.


While living at Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living, we are happy to be your partner to ensure your health and happiness. With a well-rounded approach to wellness, our community is proud to offer you exceptional amenities for movement, nutrition and overall care for your well-being.

Discover living well at Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living and join us for a tour today.

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