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We’re up to date with government guidelines and our residents and staff of Marina Isle received round one of vaccinations.

We are happy to announce our team and residents of Marina Isle Waterfront Assisted Living have received round one of the Covid-19 vaccinations a couple weeks ago and will be receiving round two soon. This is an important step toward keeping our community safe and we’re grateful to be part of this statewide program.

Care and Attention

Coronavirus affects individuals in different ways. What may be a regular cough to you, could be extremely detrimental to the health of a senior. At Marine Isle Assisted living, our around-the-clock staff are highly trained in providing the most up-to-date and informed care procedures to ensure that your loved ones remain safe throughout this time. In our care, your loved one’s vitals are constantly monitored.

Staying Active

The Coronavirus has drastically changed the way we see life. For some, this virus adds an even greater stress factor for families living with seniors. Families can no longer partake in regular outings, family dinners, or grocery stores trips, as this adds a heightened level of exposure to the virus. Quarantining or staying indoors regularly is not ideal for many seniors, as staying active helps their cognitive and physical abilities. At our Sanford assisted living facility, we continue to allow our seniors to have the freedom to attend community events or activities, or even spend time outdoors on the waterfront in a safe and socially distant manner. Our common areas are cleaned and sanitized often, and we have also limited the number of people who can gather in these areas at once. As a result, our seniors continue to improve their health and remain active everyday.

Safety Matters at Marine Isle Assisted Living

Our Sanford, Florida assisted living community is proud to serve the seniors in our area by providing quality care, with a commitment to safety in the greater Orlando area. Our warm and welcoming community is passionate about making your loved one feel just as comfortable as they were before they joined our community. If you’re interested in scheduling a tour or learning more about our services, amenities, or the extra precautions we’re taking to keep our Sanford seniors safe, reach out to us today or fill out our online contact form today to get started.

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