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The Marina Isle Building

Our building can withstand winds up to 129 mph that is a category 3 hurricane. In the event of a power loss. Marina Isle Assisted Living Community has gone above and beyond the state requirements for a generator system. 

We have two, 150 kilowatt Generac generators with natural gas piped in on a raised foundation that will provide power to over 90% of our building and emergency systems. This means in the event of a power loss, even if for days, our residents can stay in the comfort of their own room with full power or move about the community at Marina Isle Assisted Living Community.

Marina Isle Assisted Living Building

Our kitchen and dining room are also able to operate under generator power which means our residents will be able to have hot and fresh meals. All emergency systems such as elevators, fire doors and fire alarms are also under generator power which means our residents will be kept completely safe. 

Our most notable building highlights include:

  • Beautifully located on a peninsula in Lake Monroe in downtown Sanford, Florida 
  • The building is designed to withstand winds up to 129 mph, equivalent to a direct Category 3 hurricane. 
  • Equipped with two 150 kilowatt Generac generators on a raised foundation with a 4 second delay. 
  • Over 90% of the building and emergency response systems remain powered during outages which allow our residents to stay in the comfort of their suites. 
  • Generators supply power to resident rooms, community areas, kitchen, dining room, and all emergency systems like elevators, fire doors, and alarms which makes us completely sustainable during loss of power. 
  • Generators are fueled by natural gas piped in. 
  • Fire proof doors with a 2 hour burn time. 
  • Fully sprinkled building. 
  • Concrete structure. 
  • Windows impact resistant. 
  • Combination of foundation and seawall elevates our building 6 feet above Downtown Sanford. 


Our Building

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